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Cody Royer takes a good hard look at more than 400 ATI clinics in a year… And one big thing he pays attention to is Cutting through the Clutter and Removing administrative burden. This way his clinicians can focus on delivering high-quality patient care and less on the other stuff.

Keys to cutting the clutter: You need to have the tools and resources necessary to deliver outstanding patient care. Leveraging technological advancements to streamline intake, paperwork and other non-care tasks out of the clinic. The ATI care model and clinical best practices are designed to ensure that you are able to practice at the top of your license. The EMR, Patient Management Tool, scheduling model and caseload rounds are just a few of the proprietary advantages you get at ATI. FROM ATI Have you ever thought about where your career in physical therapy could take you? It’s not just about the job; it’s about making real connections that help patients get better faster. Imagine working somewhere you can grow through mentorship, and get leadership training that matters.